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Sun Adulsa
(with Adulsa, Tulsi and Honey)
Natural Solution without any Side Effects s
Contents : Jest Madh, Honey, Pipper, Vasaka, Haldi, Nilgiri Oil, Kantkari, Sunth, Tulsi, Pudina Description: 'Adulsa' (VASAKA) is an ultimate remedy for cough mentioned in Ayurveda. 'SUN ADULSA' delivers the cough syrup with an unique combination of VASAKA/Adulsa along with Honey, Tulsi, Nilgiri etc. The cough syrup free of Alcohol, exhibits no drowsiness, and is a Absolutely safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly.
Cofsun Cough Lozenges
Two Flavours Available : Orange, Lemon-Ginger Description: Given for a sore throat giving a soothing effect. Largely used for viral, smoker & all other types of cough. 



Wart X Lotion
Description: India's leading brand 'Wart-x Lotion' is useful in treatment of Warts(massa). It has guaranteed result against all type of warts. No laser or nitrogen treatments needed which generally cost up to 8,000-10,000/-. Wart-x lotion is available at a very reasonable cost. Usage procedure is available on YouTube.
Haladi Cough Syrup
(with Haladi and Tulsi) Contents : Jest Madh, Honey, Pipper, Vasaka, Haldi, Nilgiri Oil, Kantkari, Sunth, Tulsi, Pudina Description: A boon from Ayurveda, well known for its multi-purpose role in our body. Haldi (Turmeric) is known for its anti-septic, healing effects or Immunity boosting properties.
Gynolin Forte
Description: A well reputed product in the market since 35 years. Useful in secondary Amenorrhea Disorder
Multicare Pain Oil
(Ayurvedic Solution For Joint and Muscle Pain)
Contents : Menthol, Winter Green Oil, Kapur, Thymol, Taj Oil, Clove Oil, Sarisa Oil

1. Excellent Result for Backache, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain etc.
2. 100% Ayurvedic
3. Non-Sticky Pain Oil
4. Gets absorbed in the skin and brings relief.
Muslisun Capsules
Description: Muslisun Capsules is Non-Addictive Natural herbal aphrodisiac for energy & stamina. Used for vigour & vitality 'Muslisun Capsules' have shown its effects on both men & women. A complete one Month course recommend for better results.
Multicare Hair Oil
Description: Multicare hair oil treats all controls for types of hair problems. Proven to be safe for all types for hair, it stops hair fall. untimely maturing, graying and whiting of hairs, makes hair long, strong, black & lustrous. It contains clinically proven fourteen herbs in from of pure plant extracts which penetrate skin, conditions and energizes scalp, hair shaft & follicle. It promotes new hair regrowth and rejuvenates hair follicle for regrowth & vitality. Its topical application provides intensive nourishment & improves appearance of hair by making it more glossy and thin. It removes dandruff and eliminates harmful bacteria, fungus & pathogens infecting the scalp. Multi Care Hair Oil induces sound sleep, removes anxiety, stress and also improves memory and concentration.
Sun Gum Paint & Mouthwash
Description: A complete natural product effective for Tooth Ache, Pyorrhoea and Gingvitis.
It can be applied directly on affected area with a cotton swab or can be mixed with water to make an effective mouth wash.

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Contains: Adulsa, honey, tulsi, eucalyptus, sunth, pudina and available in the form of Syrups & Lozenges

Ayurvedic Oils

An excellent solution for joint and juscle pain, hair growth. It is 100% Ayurvedic and gives a good result

Lotions & Capsules

An Effective Lotion for Wart and Ayurvedic Capsules for Internal Energy & Stamina in men and women.


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SUN HEALTHCARE is one of the leading herbal product companies in India. It is equipped with facilities which blend modern and efficient production technologies with advanced quality measuring in the area of herbal products manufacturing, personal care products and health care medicines since 41 years.

We work with a central motto of global wellness through herbal health care products and we aim to provide best quality and unmatched products at an economical cost. SUN HEALTHCARE works with a mission to reach worldwide market and introduce India's ancient and unique treasure of "Ayurveda" and "Ras Shastra" while transforming India's rich heritage into a world-class Health care and personal care industry.

SUN HEALTHCARE ensures sustained satisfaction to all its customers and employees as well, and that's why we never compromise with quality of our products and proportion of ingredients that we use.

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